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Only between now and April 21: Sign up for a Starter Sponsorship Pro Sponsorship Premium Sponsorship package!

Are you a resource for homeschool moms? Do you want to reach even more homeschoolers?

Then we need you at Homeschool Mom Summits!

Our goal is to bring together the best minds in homeschooling to share their wisdom and offer valuable insight. With your support, we can make this summit an unparalleled success that will have a lasting impact on the homeschooling community. This means homeschool moms will leave the summit armed with confidence and excitement – all thanks to you! Which is why we'd love to connect with you!

With a focus on connecting, learning and growing, the Homeschool Mom Summer Summit provides an energizing setting that will leave all participants feeling inspired and equipped to take on any challenge. Join us and discover why the Homeschool Mom Summer Summit is the best investment you can make this year.

If you're a homeschool blogger, curriculum creator, or teacher who's looking for a unique way to make an impact in the lives of others and who wants to….

  • Gain business exposure and brand authority
  • Grow your email list
  • Gain traffic to your site and shops
  • Increase your bottom line

…all with a copy-and-paste promotion already done-for-you…

then the Homeschool Mom Summer Summit is an empowering event to consider partnering with!

By investing a much smaller amount than what other homeschool summits require (this is intentional), sponsors can expect to gain rapid increased visibility in the homeschooling community and retain access to thousands of passionate homeschoolers who are ready and eager to hear about your brand.

With numerous promotional opportunities and events within, the HMSS will be a powerful and energizing platform to reach potential customers and build lasting relationships. Enhance your brand's reputation by helping us create a space for homeschooling families to come together and learn from one another.

The sponsors of the Homeschool Mom Summer Summit will also have the opportunity to showcase their services and products, which is invaluable to the homeschooling family. Free participation in the Exhibitors Hall is available to all sponsors of the summit! This means your virtual booth will be at no charge (regular booth). As well as many more promotional opportunities!

Sponsor Prices - regular rate
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Scroll down to check out all the ways you can participate (or download a PDF to view them all at once). Then fill out the form to complete your registration and purchase the level you want. 

We invite you to join us in our mission by becoming a sponsor of the Homeschool Mom Summer Summit.

Your partnership will help to create an unforgettable experience for homeschooling families, one that will inspire and motivate them to take advantage of the many benefits that come with homeschooling. 

As a sponsor, you’ll get:

  • recognition before, during, and after the summit
  • social mentions on our website and social media channels,
  • include your logo and promotional assets in all media releases and advertising related to the event
  • be featured in our newsletters as well as on our event pages.

Get maximum exposure with a smaller investment than other summits are charging!

We purposefully keep our sponsor rates as low as possible, so that smaller organizations and businesses can participate and grow their bottom line.

With an experienced marketing expert for over 15+ years in event management and multimillion dollar hotel management, operations, and sales and marketing, we’ve crafted the perfect platform to get you the most exposure and return on investment.

We know that budget is a very important factor in getting your business out there, so thank you for considering a sponsorship with HMSS.

Questions? Just shoot an email over to Richie, the hostess and summit coordinator, at [email protected].

EACH SPONSORSHIP WILL GIVE YOU more eyes on your business

And homeschool moms love the Homeschool Mom Summer Summit!

What's included in each sponsor package?

Sponsors receive a customized package of benefits and advantages per tier: Premium, Pro, and Starter. We offer a very detailed package for each level of sponsorship. 

For all packages, you receive:

  • Promote your brand, resources, and products throughout the summit and early bird weeks
  • Logo/Image on sales page, Lifetime VIP sales page, sponsor page, and Exhibitors Hall
  • If speaker, ad banner included in video workshop session
  • Contribute to the VIP Bonuses of the All Access Pass
  • Social media mentions + sponsor spotlights in all publishing channels: videos, email, summit platform, community Facebook group, social media channels, our Summit App *new!*, and Exhibitors Hall *new!*
  • Free All Access Pass (aka, Lifetime VIP Pass)
  • Banners cycled through Schedule page and email newsletters during early bird weeks and summit week
  • Free Regular Exhibitors Hall listing with dedicated web page *new!*



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