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Spring Collection: 2024 Homeschool Mom Summit!

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Richie Soares

Hostess of Homeschool Mom Summit: Spring Collection!
Owner & Creator of Homeschool & Humor™

– How To Plan Your Homeschool Year Round (+ FREE Schedules Included)
– Master The Map: Ideas To Teach Your Kids All 50 States

Richie Soares is the founder of Homeschool Mom Summits™ and hostess of the Spring Collection: 2024 Homeschool Mom Summit! Wanting to reach as many homeschool moms as possible, Richie loves extending support and guidance through creative homeschool solutions in order to empower their homeschool. 

Richie is also the owner and creator of Homeschool and Humor, a homeschool site that helps moms with curriculum, resources, tips, #momlife, and homeschool travel resources and tools. In addition to homeschooling, she loves to dabble in other blogs, such as beauty blogs, and she also spends her time being an online business strategist. 

Richie is a single mom who has three kids – Daniel (13), Zoey (12), and Scout (5) – and loves every moment of what she's doing. You can find her reading something and always learning something as well as playing with her kids; playing Zelda with Daniel, making bracelets with Zoey, or putting together puzzles with Scout. 

It is her hope that you find delight in her words, treasures within her resources, and camaraderie in #mom life.

You can find Richie always at Homeschool & Humor and in the Homeschool & Humor Tribe Facebook Group. You can also reach here on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. And now TikTok!

Meet Your Speakers

Aaliyah Burgess

Workshop: Faithful Flexibility: Navigating the Chaos with God on Your Mind by Aaliyah Burgess

Aaliyah Burgess, a proud educator turned stay-at-home mom and business owner, holds a master's degree in Youth Development Leadership, showcasing her dedication to effecting positive change for young individuals. With an unwavering commitment, Aaliyah ardently advocates cultivating nurturing home environments, vibrant communities, and influential mentorship, recognizing their pivotal role in nurturing an empowered generation. She provides done-for-you resources for the homeschooling mom who is overwhelmed and wants to give her child hands-on, Pinterest-worthy activities. Aaliyah also aids moms in understanding developmentally appropriate stages for their children while building and strengthening the relationship with the children in their lives. Beyond her transformative pursuits, Aaliyah engages in continuous personal growth, exploring the great outdoors, and cherishing the family she has been blessed to create.

You can learn more about Aaliyah at her website, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.


Amanda Schenkenberger

Workshop: How to STOP Worrying If Your Child Is Falling Behind Workshop

Amanda Schenkenberger helps homeschool moms calm the chaos, create a schedule, and build strong bonds with their kids so that everyone can experience joyful connection and rigorous academics at the same time. She leverages her own experience as a homeschooled individual and homeschooling mother of four inside the Homeschool Family Academy where she coaches other moms to educate curious minds and cultivate courageous spirits.


Andrew Pudewa

– Cultivating Language Arts – Preschool through High School
– Spelling and the Brain

Andrew Pudewa is the founder and director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing and a father of seven. Traveling and speaking around the world, he addresses issues related to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music with clarity, insight, practical experience, and humor. His seminars for parents, students, and teachers have helped transform many a reluctant writer and have equipped educators with powerful tools to dramatically improve students’ skills. Find out more at IEW.com or, if you prefer social media, check out facebook.com/excellenceinwriting or instagram.com/IEW

Anissa Orsino

Workshop: How to Clear Mental Clutter and Banish Mom Brain

Anissa Orsino is a homeschooling mom of two boys, a breast cancer survivor, and a bucket list crusher. She uses her blog, podcast, and coaching practice to help fellow mamas simplify everything and optimize what's left so that they have the time and energy to care for themselves, have fun with their families, and share their sparkle with the world.

Ashley Wright

Workshop: Infuse Your Homeschool With Fun By Gameschooling!

Ashley Wright is a homeschooling mom of 2 and a blogger at Gypsy Gameschooler. There, she reviews board, card, and dice games, as well as some other helpful homeschooling resources. You can also find her on YouTube where she posts play-throughs of games to help you decide if a game is a good fit for your family.

Autumn Emigh

Workshop: Using Creativity and Imagination to Grow Confident Communicators

Brenda Lane

Workshop: Ink and Imagination: Nurturing Writing Skills in Everyday Homeschool Life

Brenda has been homeschooling her son from birth to college (he grew up to be a professional writer and editor!). For 20 years, she has taught writing online to students of all ages. She knows how tough it is to help your kids with their writing while you also edit their papers! That’s why she created videos that bring to life the books for WriteShop® I and II. Now, you can sign up for the courses using the WriteShop® materials at Play With Education. Or you can take a separate class giving tips, guides, and courage to edit your student’s papers: The Fearless Editor (Mom and Dad!). No matter which program you’re using: WriteShop® I and II, Institute for Excellence in Writing [IEW], Sonlight, or any others, Brenda can help!

Carmen Smith

Workshop: Planning A Curriculum Your Kids Love

Carmen has been homeschooling her five children for over a decade. With an Associate Degree in Educational Studies, she will help you to balance your family, curriculum, and expectations so you can deliver the highest quality learning in a way that perfectly suits your unique family. @themagicartofhomeschool https://themagicartofhomeschool.com


Cherelle German

Workshop: 8 Simple Strategies for Homeschooling Multiple Children as a Busy Mom

Cherelle German, the owner of Embracing Homeschool, has a passion for helping busy, multi-passionate moms in making their homeschooling experience simpler. For those stuck in the chaos of complicated lesson plans, never-ending to-do lists, overwhelming curriculum choices and facing the constant pressure to balance it all, you're not alone. 

She is committed to helping you simplify your homeschooling journey, embrace straightforward methods, leave behind unnecessary fluff in your homeschool, so you can finally embrace a beautiful, fulfilling and simplified homeschooling journey that will feed your kids a feast of ideas, provide them with rich learning experiences and an abundance of beauty— simply.

Christian Horstmann

Workshop: Strengthen Your Child’s Faith on a Biblical Foundation

Christian Horstmann feels so blessed to be an American in a beautiful country where he can freely share his heart about the Bible, homeschooling, and family relationships. He’s the host of the Family Discipleship Podcast and the editor of ChristianFamilyReformation.com. While waiting for the Lord’s timing to start a family of his own on a beautiful Idaho homestead someday, he loves working on projects and playing board games with his sisters. Christian is always up for a road trip, especially if it involves hiking boots and national parks; but when he’s at home, he also enjoys traveling back in time through the pages of history books. Come say howdy at ChristianHorstmann.com and tune into his latest show on FamilyDiscipleshipPodcast.net.

Danika Cooley

Workshop: Unique Ways to Approach Teaching the Bible to Your 8-12 Year Olds

Danika Cooley and her husband, Ed, are committed to leading their children to life for the glory of God. Together, they have worked to study and memorize the Bible with their kids. Danika is an award-winning children's author and Bible-curriculum developer. Weekly, she encourages tens of thousands of parents to intentionally raise biblically literate children and her Bible curriculum, Bible Road Trip™, is used across the globe. Danika is a homeschool mother of four with a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Washington. Follow her at www.thinkingkidsblog.org and on Pinterest @danikacooley.


Debra Arbuthnot

Workshop: Unlock the Power of Games: Make Learning Enjoyable

As a homeschooling mom and a certified teacher, Debra Arbuthnot has a passion for teaching and years of experience. Unable to find a quality program that was affordable, she began writing her own curriculum while homeschooling her children. She has now chosen to publish it and share it with other homeschooling families. It is available on the Homeschool Complete website.

Debra Arbuthnot earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a Secondary Mathematics Endorsement. She has 27 years of teaching experience at the Elementary, Junior High, and High School levels in both public and private schools. She used this homeschool curriculum format with her children who have since graduated from high school, earned college scholarships, and completed their bachelor degrees.

Debra and her husband live in Florida, have three adult children, and now have three grandchildren.


Holly Doherty

– Beyond Bubble Baths: Budgets, Bandits, and Setting Better Boundaries for Restorative Self-Care
– Where’s Mom? Rediscover YOU When You’re Buried by Homeschool, Hobbies, and Hectic Schedules

Holly Doherty is an author, speaker, and self-worth coach who helps women love and trust themselves again so they can have more impact, peace, and fulfillment. And it all starts when you know your worth, radiate confidence, and embrace your most authentic, be*YOU*tiful YOU!

Holly is a homeschooling mom of two special-needs kids and a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser. She knows what it's like to lose yourself to the expectations of others, the demands of motherhood, and the never-ending duties of teacher, chauffeur, and Keeper of All the Things. And she knows what it takes to find yourself, and how to take care of yourself so you can be your best for yourself and those around you.

Holly is an avid reader, competitive ballroom dancer, and Tae Kwon Do enthusiast. She loves penguins, Latin music, and anything with bling. Obsessed with all things purple, she strives to move toward a more minimalist lifestyle while maintaining an epic collection of sparkly jewelry and cute shoes.

To find out more, visit www.facebook.com/RediscoverRadiance or www.RediscoverRadiance.com.

Jenn Dickerson

– 7 Types of Homeschool Calendars and How to Plan Your Own
– Enjoy Your Homeschool with a Group Learning Time

Jenn Dickerson is a homeschool mom of 3, a singer, and a planner. If she is not singing in the van on the way to homeschool co-op, you’ll find her checking off lists at home. She learned the art of list-making when young and now helps others organize their homeschools over at Homeschool-Planning.com.

Jessyka Coulter

Workshop: How to Help Your Teen Stop Procrastinating and Get More Organized Today

Jessyka Coulter is the CEO and Founder of Ace Cookie Tutoring. Her company offers study skills tutoring and executive functioning skills coaching through her Love to Learn study skills program because she knows most curriculums are one-size-fits-all that don't meet every student's personal learning needs. When tweens, teens, and young adults don't know HOW to learn, they don't enjoy learning, no matter the curriculum or style of teaching. But, when students discover HOW to learn through the study skills Jessyka teaches, they love to learn. Ask her about her lesson bundles that include content tutoring AND her Love to Learn study skills program when you schedule a free consultation at https://calendly.com/acecookietutoring/talkwithjessyka

Jodie Perry

Workshop: Curriculum, Transcripts, Dual Enrollment, Oh My! Planning for High School

Jodie is the rebel mom behind lifeunboxed.blog. She helps momtrepreneurs break free from the 9–5, be their own boss, raise their kids, and enjoy their lives.

She is a wife, homeschool mom of 6 (from preschool through high school), writer, podcaster, and accidental entrepreneur.

Jodie was working from home and homeschooling her kids before it was cool. She has been running her successful virtual assistant business (jodierperry.com) since 2014.

She is a homeschool graduate herself and has accumulated years of experience as both student and teacher.

In her spare time, you can find her drinking coffee, reading a good book or designing one, and watching British cop shows. Yes, all at the same time.


Kelly Dowd & Sue Wenger

– Planning & Organizing Nature-Focused Field Trips
– Five Free Tech Tools for Nature Study

Kelly and Sue are longtime professional educators and moms with a passion for helping families do hands-on science to deepen their understanding of the natural world.

We use our decades of combined K-12 teaching experience to create monthly content lessons, outdoor field trip guides, and at-home extension activities for our Field Trip Science membership.

Through engaging videos, digital downloads, and tech tool tutorials, you can easily lead field experiences for your learners, even if you don’t consider yourself “good” at science! We offer ongoing educator support to make your homeschooling journey easy and fun – for your learners and for YOU! 

Join us on Instagram, Facebook and on our website! We're The Field Trip Academy on all platforms and we share lots of free articles, links and helpful resources with the homeschooling community in mind!


Kelsey Sorenson

– How To Create an Intentional Schedule (And ACTUALLY Stick To It!)
– From Surviving to THRIVING as a Homeschool Mom

Kelsey Sorenson is a former third grade teacher and substitute teacher. She is now a homeschool mom and a certified life coach who is working on her first book (tentatively titled “The Thriving Teacher”) with TeacherGoals Publishing. Her company, Wife Teacher Mommy has been featured on We are Teachers, Teachers pay Teachers, Show Up For Teachers Conference put on by the Utah First Lady, Teach Your Heart Out, and The Deseret News. Kelsey and her team have helped hundreds of thousands of educators cut down planning time and balance the many roles in their lives with her teacher life coaching program Wife Teacher Mommy Club, Educate & Rejuvenate events, time-saving resources, Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast, and her FREE mindset Masterclass. Kelsey is a huge “Swiftie” and can always be found listening to a Taylor Swift song with a coke zero in hand (that is, if she's not listening to her favorite podcast or an audiobook!) 

Korbalagae Kuawogai

Workshop: Making Curriculum Work for You

Korbalagae uses her over 20 years experience in early childhood teaching and curriculum development to help homeschool Moms to stop stressing and feeling overwhelmed about their children’s learning progress so they can focus on teaching their children while having fun. She is passionate about sharing early learning and curriculum information to help Moms take an active role in their children’s learning. 

When not working with homeschool families, she spends her time on her non-profit that works to improve early childhood education in Liberia.

She is the founder of Teach My Kinder™.


Kristen Rattanamongkhoune

Workshop: Organizing with Help From the Kids to Create an Independent Learning Atmosphere

Kristen Rattanamongkhoune is a mom of two and wife of one. She has been able to work from home and be the primary teacher to her kids since birth. Check out the In Our Homeschool blog to take a peek at their days, explore with them on their adventures, get book recommendations straight from a children’s librarian, and read reviews of homeschooling resources.

Laura Jiang

Workshop: Meals Made Easy

Hi I’m Laura! I’m a homeschool mama to two busy boys, ages 4 ½  and 3. My husband is Taiwanese and we live in Taiwan. I love learning and all things home and life organization. And coffee! You can find me blogging at TametheCrazy.com and creating products to help you bring joy and sanity to your crazy home. I’m so glad you’re here and hope that I can be a blessing to you!

Laura McKinney Adams

Workshop: A New Way to Schedule: Planning Your Homeschool Day with Young Children

Laura McKinney Adams is a second-generation homeschooler, a wife, and a mother to three. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Liberty University. While at Liberty, she met her husband, who is a fellow homeschool graduate. She writes about classical education, lifelong learning for moms, and homeschooling the early years at lauramckinneyadams.com.


Linda Simpson

Workshop: Supercharge Your Skills to Raise Money-Smart Kids

With three decades of experience in teaching financial literacy at the university level, Dr. Linda Simpson has helped people of all ages and life stages to set goals and create simple financial plans that are sustainable to their lifestyle and spending behaviors. In these challenging times, individuals and families are facing uncertainty in their current financial situations, not to mention their financial future. Dr Simpson is dedicated to helping as many people as possible to overcome these challenges. 

Dr. Simpson’s expertise lies in instructing parents on teaching essential financial literacy skills to their children. Given that finances affect most aspects of life, these are crucial life lessons that they must acquire in their early years as this profoundly influences their future financial well-being. The financial competencies instilled at home play a pivotal role in shaping children’s future money management habits as adults.



Lisa Garrison

Workshop: Finding Joy in the Journey: Embracing Gratitude & Connecting with God

Lisa is mom of 4 boys and married to her childhood sweetheart. Together her, her husband and their brother in Christ Christian found it in their hearts to help Christian families with growing in their faith. Hence, Vibrant Home Life was created. Providing testimony, advice, and resources they work to help Christian families grow in their relationship with God.

🔗www.vibranthomelife.com🔗https://www.facebook.com/Vibranthomelife 🔗https://www.instagram.com/vibranthomelife 🔗https://www.pinterest.com/vibranthomelife/

Lyndsie Suttle

– 5 Daily Habits That Add a Little Jesus to Your Homeschool
– The 10-Minute Soul Refresh for Homeschool Mamas

Lyndsie is a perfectly imperfect child of God, wife, and homeschooling mom to two boys whose names both start with J–and she usually can’t remember which is which. She’s the writer at The Flourishing Mama where she helps moms find peace and purpose in their faith, homes, and homeschools. Follow her on Facebook here.

Malia Phelps Waller

Workshop: Homeschool Planning witth the PLAY to Learn Method

Meet Malia, a dedicated homeschool mom of two and the driving force behind Play to Learn with Malia Phelps Waller. With a background as a licensed special education and assistive technology teacher, and behavior analyst, Malia brings a unique blend of personal and professional experience to her consulting services. Specializing in support for neurodivergent learners, executive functioning assistance, unique learning styles, and Virginia end-of-year evaluations, Malia strives to make homeschooling a fulfilling and successful experience for families in Virginia and across the globe. Emphasizing a playful approach to learning, she incorporates engaging tools and activities to inspire a lifelong love for education. Join Malia on this educational journey, where her passion for homeschooling and commitment to personalized support create a transformative experience for both parents and students.


Megan Tenney

Workshop: Hands-Off Homeschool: 5 Ways to Instill Independence and Stress Less!

Megan Tenney traveled full-time for four years with her husband and four kids, exploring the world and roadschooling. Now, she finds joy in teaching other families how they too can ditch the ordinary and experience the extraordinary, by taking life on the road!

Pamela Hodges

– Dinner Simplified
– Always Learning

Pam is a former teacher turned homeschool mama to three little boys. She is also the creative mind behind Little Learning Moments, where she shares play-based learning and mom hacks for parents of toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary. She believes learning happens in all of life's little moments – we just have to know how to spot it.


Shanda Smith

– Cultivating Curiosity Through Experiential Learning
– Treat Yourself to a Retreat

Shanda Smith is passionate about helping moms add the travel and vacation experiences their family craves. Field trips, daycations, getaways, and grand adventures – no matter the travel plan, we have solutions for it all! Shanda can help you maximize your travel dollars, plan a rockstar itinerary, and create drool-worthy field trips for your school year. Join the mailing list and reach out today for a personalized adventure solution for your family. ShandaSmith.com

Tonya Gray Johnson

– 6 Tips to Planning a Bible Lesson That Will Have Your Kids Sitting on the Edge of Their Seats
– How to Organize an Educational Shopping Trip

My name is Tonya Johnson, and I specialize in helping homeschool moms and ministry leaders navigate the social media world. I’ve been teaching in some capacity for over a decade now. In addition to homeschooling my own munchkin, I currently volunteer in a mentorship program for teen girls, teach a high school “Intro to Entrepreneurship” class in my local coop, work in various children's programs and Bible clubs, and am passionate about working with “at risk” youth.

You’ll find a ton of free trainings, devotions, and resources on my site, and you’ll find all the cool behind-the-scenes stuff (and some hilarious reels) on my Instagram @helpingheartshomeschool.

Whether you’re looking for homeschool ideas, help navigating the crazy world of raising teens, or Sunday school/ children's church resources, I’m just excited to help you find joy in the journey as we navigate this crazy thing called homeschooling. We all wear many different hats, and I'm here to show you how to balance everything without cracking under the pressure.

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