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June 19-23 was an action-packed summer event with 50 amazing speakers sharing their best homeschool practices and tips in over 65 workshops.

Give yourself the space to take it in slowly and implement as you go…plus get a TON of incredible bonuses.

65 workshops and 50 seasoned homeschool mom speakers with BONUS live workshops & keynote speakers!

Get seasoned homeschooler insight in 5 categories: year round homeschooling, back to homeschool, summer homeschool, all about mom, and bible/faith + character training!

Wor workshop handouts, $5,000 swag bag, Summit App, Workshop Binders, and optional lifetime access with its own set of bonuses!


lifetime vip pass

  • VIP Lifetime Access to all 65 workshops and VIP perks
  • Ongoing Lifetime access to all workshops ($2400+ value)
  • Private podcast feed to listen to presentations on the go ($300 value)
  • Summit Cheat Sheets Notebook breaks down the talking points of each workshop to make the most of what you learn ($200 value)
  • Exclusive invitation to pre-purchase next year's HMSS VIP at a fraction of the cost ($150 value)
  • 5 bonus in-demand workshops exclusive to only VIP passholders (and not available in the basic summit) ($250 value)


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We all know better than that, don't we? It's a battle of the day, the timing, the tantrums, the moods, even the food. It's a day-to-day lifestyle that can get messy and disheveled if left untamed. 

And YOU are solely responsible for your children's education. No pressure there.

You're getting a lot of things right, but you know you could be making it a whole lot easier on both you and your kids. What you really want is to…

Do all the fun things without running out of time

Go on fun field trips or day trips and know how to make it a whole unit study

Complete amazing projects that you HAVE to tell your family about

Look forward to doing activities and lessons that you and your kids are excited about

Know exactly how to plan your homeschool that fits YOUR unique family rhythm

You can have all these things without constantly adding more to your plate.



Opening the homeschool door you've been longing to go through!


50 seasoned homeschool moms over 5 days will show you homeschool lifestyle strategies and reveal easy, repeatable ways you can use to both improve + empower your homeschool, no matter where you are in your journey. All from the comfort of your home.

WOW!! This summit has it all  🔥! So many amazing speakers and topics to help everyone on their homeschool journey regardless of what stage they are in. 
– Anne Markey, Mom


not sure how to homeschool multiple kids or homeschool with a baby or toddler underfoot

spending too much money on unnecessary curriculum

running out of time homeschooling your kids each day

Whatever it is for you, it's time to empower your homeschool.


There are a lot of summits and workshops out there. So what makes this one different?

First, this summit was created specifically for homeschool moms. This isn't general advice for any homeschooler out there. Every workshop is designed for the type of homeschool you have, increasing the impact of your overall learning plan for each child.

More importantly, we're not here to add to your plate. Our goal isn't to throw new homeschool resources and teaching methods at you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed like there's no way you can do enough. Instead, we're here to take what you're already doing and optimize it in a way that makes your homeschool more simple, efficient, and empowered.

The Speakers

Now for the impressive part. Here are our speakers of the Homeschool Mom Summer Summit!

Fun Fact: Our speakers were meticulously selected because they were specifically designed to help homeschool moms craft a unique learning plan for your children. And through this summit, and through their individual workshops, you'll see that learning plan come to fruition.


Stop doing things the hard way, just because it's what you're used to or because you don't how to make it easier on yourself.

Finally do something about your homeschool to rid the stress and scatter-brain syndrome.

Empower what you're already doing to allow yourself to teach more efficiently, while being more creative.

Empower your homeschool with creative solutions from 50 seasoned homeschool mom experts and 65 homeschool workshops in 5 special categories.

Year Round Homeschooling

Back To Homeschool

book icon

Summer Homeschooling

All About Mom

fun topic icon

Faith/Bible + Character Training


This is the heart of the Homeschool Mom Summer Summit – the workshop sessions! Here are the 65 workshops you'll have access to in 5 of those special categories. 
  • Reading Across the Curriculum: Simple Strategies for Integrating Literacy in Homeschool Unit Studies by Alexa Imwalle
  • Homeschool Math Roadmap for High Schoolers by Allison Dillard
  • Teach Your Child To Talk Clearly and Confidently (by thinking out of the box!) by Amanda Owens
  • How to Plan a Jubilee Homeschool Year by Amy Roberts
  • Bright Spot of Homeschooling Teens by Cynthia Heren
  • 3 Things I Learned From 31 Years of Homeschooling by Kathie Morrissey
  • Is My Kid Lazy? Grit vs Giving Up? by Lindsay Leiviska
  • Homeschooling with Toddlers and Preschoolers by Pamela Hodges
  • How Year Round Homeschoolers  Homeschool Year Round by Richie Soares
  • Field Trip Lead Learning by Shanda Smith 
  • Homeschooling Consistently: How to Do It, When It's Important, and When it's Not by Tauna Meyer
  • Your Complete Guide to Gameschooling by Tonya Gray Johnson
  • Unleashing the Power of World History! by Linda Hobar
  • Cultivating Language Arts – Preschool through High School by Andrew Pudewa
  • Balancing Multiple Grades + Simple Ways To Keep Everyone Together by Cherelle German
  • Homeschooling on a Shoestring Budget by Heather Vogler
  • Most Vital Tool for Your Homeschool Schedule and How to Use It by Jenn Dickerson
  • Overcoming Fear: Homeschooling the Middle School Years by Kim Luker
  • The Kids Are Alright by Lindsey Casselman
  • Playing with a Purpose by Malia Waller
  • Creating a Sustainable Homeschool Rhythm for Your Neurodivergent Homeschool by Malia Waller
  • How to Choose the Right Homeschool Curriculum for You and Your Family by Melissa Brander
  • Movers, Shakers, Denim Cloth Haters: How to Homeschool A Sensory Intense Child by Penny Rogers
  • Teach Your Child to Read Sight Words Without Memorizing or Guessing by Sarah Miller
  • Fun Ways to Teach Geography by Shannan Swindler
  • DON'T RUN FROM THE MIRROR! (Why You Need to Teach) by Stacy Farrell
  • Foreign Languages: How and Why by Suzanne Gose
  • Reaching Your Goals this Summer with the Kids at Home by Amber J. Smith
  • 4 ways to keep your kids motivated to do school all year round by Tonya Gray Johnson
  • What Mister Rogers and Charlotte Mason Have in Common by Amy Bodkin
  • Summer Learning Routines with Outside the Box Kids by Cynthia Heren
  • Preparing Preschoolers for Homeschooling with Music by Justina Thurston
  • Ten Unexpected Reasons to Start Nature Journaling This Year by Kelly Dowd and Sue Wenger
  • Learning to Read – the easy way! by Kelly Kotanidis
  • What Teens and ‘Tweens Should Know About WWI by Linda Lacour Hobar
  • The Playful Teaching Garden by Victoria Hackett
  • Using Play as a Learning Tool by Pamela Hodges
  • Learning with Lapbooks: Creative Hands-on Projects by Sara Jordan
  • Explore Math Outdoors by Victoria Hackett
  • However Imperfectly: Lessons Learned from Thirty Years of Teaching by Andrew Pudewa
  • A Return to Home: Restoring Life in a Chaotic World by Gabi Haberer
  • Strengthening Your Marriage As a Homeschool Mom by Heather Vogler
  • Empowering Moms to Take Charge of Their Families' Health by Hollie Bigham
  • Yes, You Can Homeschool (and do it really well!) by Kelly Warner
  • Doing it All – Working and Studying while Homeschooling by Kelly Kotanidis
  • Self Care for Homeschool Moms by Kelsey Sorenson
  • Cook Dinner on Auto Pilot by Laura Jiang
  • Homeschooling: The Best Kept Secret by Laura Murfin
  • Cleaning When Life Is Crazy by Laura Jiang
  • Jumpstart Your Online Business with These Pro Tips by Lesley Pyle
  • Calm and Equipped: Managing Family Emotions in Homeschool by Mel Kistner
  • Finding Homeschool Community by Melissa Whaley
  • How To Teach Safety Skills To Your Special Needs Child by Penny Rogers
  • Framing Your Whole Health In Christ by Adriana Watt
  • I'm Not Patient Enough to Homeschool by Aimee Smith
  • Keys to Building Biblical Character Through Books by Christian Horstmann
  • Tending Virtue in Your Children by Erin Cox
  • Training Character Into Your Children by Kathie Morrissey
  • Daily Discipleship Simplified: Fun & Easy Ideas for Incorporating Faith-Building into Your Homeschool Routine by Katie J Trent
  • Support your child with executive function skills in home education by Mandi Frost
  • Uncovering Your Core Family Values by Melissa Whaley
  • ARE WE BATTLING AN EPIDEMIC OF RUDENESS: Help Your Children Display Love, Kindness, And Respect In A Fallen World by Stacy Farrell
  • Therapy through Words by Suzanne Gose
  • Get Started Bible Studying With Your Kids by Richie Soares

Yes, allll this is inside the Lifetime VIP Pass!

You'll be hearing from nearly 50 speakers you know and love who are classy, top-knotch, and who represent the summit well.

Here are just a few of them...

Andrew Pudewa

Andrew Pudewa


Linda Hobar

Linda Hobar

The Mystery of History

Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts

Raising Arrows

Richie Soares

Homeschool & Humor

Erin Cox

Erin Cox

The Gentle & Classical Press

Tauna Meyer

Tauna Meyer

Proverbial Homemaker

And many more…! Exciting, right?

I am so glad I signed up for this summit and that I bought the Lifetime pass right away. As a new homeschool mom there were so many speakers I wanted to listen to. I also didn't want to be overwhelmed so I've been watching 1-2 a day and taking great notes. There is so much valuable information. I will recommend this summit to every homeschool mom I meet!
- Stephanie D., Homeschool Mom


As an all access passholder, you will get instant access to the private podcast feed for a whole year!

This means you can LISTEN to the workshops while you're cooking, doing laundry, rocking the baby (with earbuds in), during your morning quiet time, driving, and however else you'd want to listen!

You will have access to all 65 workshops plus additional keynote speaker interviews that took place!


Have you ever wanted to follow along with a workshop or know what a workshop is about before you jump into it? Have you ever wanted an organized way to know everything about each workshop inside a summit?  

You get 65 detailed outlines and action plans for every single workshop, including information like:

• Workshop Objectives
• Workshop Outlines
• Special Highlights or Takeaways
• Action Steps Post-Watching
• Additional Resources or Recommendations

When you download the Lifetime VIP Pass, you get to access this very special, in-depth summit workshop notebook full of workshop information, how to's, highlights, and action steps for EACH workshop!

This is NOT available anywhere else.

You have everything you need to take your homeschool and strengthen it, empower it, and fine-tune it with creative solutions!

When you get this, you get ongoing lifetime access to all 65+ workshops for life with their cheat sheets!


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lifetime vip pass

  • VIP Lifetime Access to all 65 workshops and VIP perks
  • Ongoing Lifetime access to all workshops ($2400+ value)
  • Private podcast feed to listen to presentations on the go ($300 value)
  • Summit Cheat Sheets Notebook breaks down the talking points of each workshop to make the most of what you learn ($200 value)
  • Exclusive invitation to pre-purchase next year's HMSS VIP at a fraction of the cost ($150 value)
  • 5 bonus in-demand workshops exclusive to only VIP passholders (and not available in the basic summit) ($250 value)


TODAY'S PRICE: $3,291 $147