Harvesting Knowledge Homeschool Bundle



Introducing the Harvesting Knowledge Homeschool Bundle: A Week of Thankful Topics!

We're thrilled to present this year's gratitude bundle as Harvesting Knowledge Homeschool Bundle, where we celebrate “thankful topics” that enrich our homeschooling journey. And we need you to make it the most bountiful bundle yet!

What is the Harvesting Knowledge Homeschool Bundle?

The Bundle will be full of Thankful Topics – gratitude, subjects (history, math, etc.), holidays, family, prayer, etc.

Thankful Topics

These topics reflect elements of homeschooling and life for which many are grateful. Here are some suggested topics that contributors can consider:

Homeschooling & Learning:
  • Grateful for Reading – Literacy activities, reading lists, etc.
  • Thankful for Math Skills – Math games, foundational lessons, etc.
  • History We Treasure – Unit studies on important events/people.
  • Science & Wonder – Experiments or lessons that cultivate curiosity.
  • Crafting Gratitude – Craft activities that center around the theme of thankfulness.
  • Homeschooling Hacks – Tips and tricks to make homeschooling easier.
  • Tech Blessings – Guides on effectively using technology in homeschooling.
Family & Relationships:
  • Sibling Harmony – Guides or activities to promote sibling friendship.
  • Parental Guidance – Tips for homeschooling parents.
  • Extended Family – Including grandparents, aunts, uncles in homeschooling.
  • Pets as Family – Lessons involving or dedicated to family pets.
Personal Growth:
  • Thankful Thoughts & Journaling – Guided journals or prompts.
  • Cultivating Kindness – Lessons on empathy and kindness.
  • Building Self-Esteem – Activities or guides to help boost confidence.
  • Thankful for Health – Healthy living tips or physical education activities.
Cultural & Social Awareness:
  • Diverse Cultures – Lessons or activities based on various cultures.
  • Gratitude Towards Nature – Environmental stewardship activities.
  • Community Heroes – Lessons about community service and figures.
  • World Religions – A guide to teaching the basics of major world religions in an educational setting.
  • Travel & Exploration – Lessons or tips for educational travel.
Holidays & Seasons:
  • Harvest Time – Autumn-themed lessons or activities.
  • Family Traditions – How to create meaningful family traditions.
  • Feasting on Knowledge – Cooking or nutrition-based lessons.
  • Prepping for Holidays – Organizational tips for smooth holidays.

Your Contribution

Much like our previous bundles, this is a collaborative effort with homeschool bloggers worldwide! You are encouraged to adapt these topics to your unique voice and expertise, as long as the end product remains true to the overarching theme of gratitude and thankfulness.

Each contributor will provide a paid product, available for redemption for free with a special coupon code for a limited time. This bundle will be a PAID BUNDLE, and contributors will get paid affiliate commissions based on their sales efforts.

There will be 3 different bundle options that you can contribute to:
  1. Main Harvesting Knowledge Bundle – This is the Main Bundle offered the whole week. All contributors will be in this bundle. This will be delivered/redeemed on the thank you page on the website. This is full of products valued at $5 or more that they redeem for free.
  2. Early Turkey BONUS Special – This is a FREE BONUS to customers who get the Main Bundle within the first 48 hours of it going live (Nov 8-9). This will be delivered in a PDF (similar to a swag bag pdf-style) and filled with freebies, low-cost free products, or discounted products.
  3. Thankful Plus Add-On Package – This is an add-on bundle product (like an order bump or an upsell item) that will be offered if they want to add it on to their Main Bundle purchase. This will be delivered in a PDF (again, similar to a swag bag pdf-style) and full of products valued at $5 or more that they redeem for free. (It's essentially the same is the Main Bundle, but “added on” to their Main Bundle purchase order and delivered within a PDF.)

How Does It Work?

All contributor information of the Main Bundle will be hosted for redemption on our website at homeschoolmomsummits.com. Each product's title, original price value, brief description, and coupon code for free redemption will be beautifully displayed. Customers can then easily click through to each listed site to claim their freebies using the provided coupon codes. Optionally, you can also include a discount code for other items in your store or additional information/deadlines for the storewide sale.

As mentioned, there are THREE bundle/contributor options for you, depending on the type of bundle(s) you want to take part in.

Three Bundle/Contributor Options Available:

1. Main Harvesting Knowledge Bundle / Basic Contributor
  • Includes placement on the website – one item in the main bundle.
  • Contributor Fee: Early Bird $10, Regular $20
2. Early Turkey Special Contributor
  • All features of the Main Bundle
  • Plus, include an ad item in the Early Turkey bonus special for those who purchase in the first 48 hours.
  • Contributor Fee: Early Bird $25, Regular $35
3. Thankful Plus Add-On Package Contributor
  • All features of the Main Bundle 
  • All features of the Early Turkey Bonus Special
  • Plus, add an item in the Thankful Plus Add On package (this is the order bump).
  • Contributor Fee: Early Bird $40, Regular $50

If you want the CSV of all customer emails of the bundle, add an additional $10 to your contributor fee. 

What's In It for You?

Each participating blogger will, at the very least, gain page views for each person who downloads their files. We strongly recommend adding customers to your subscriber list (with proper disclosure) and offering them unique welcome series and discounts on paid products to maximize revenue.

You can also add fast-action redirects after they redeem the bundle item or a special page with a collection of products at a discount price. (These are merely suggestions.)

🦃 You have multiple opportunities to gain commissions, not just one!
🦃 You can offer your items for BLACK FRIDAY in here! The Early Turkey Bonus Special (the freebie they get within 49 hours) is like a swag bag-style full of freebies, discounts, and sales. Good spot to get in front of people for your Black Friday sales!
🦃 You have 3 bundle/contributor options to choose from, with each one ‘leveling' up. For instance, if you choose the Thankful PLUS option, you will also be able to contribute the main bundle as well as the Early Turkey bonus freebie special.
🦃 You have 2 sponsor packages to choose from to really get more Black Friday eyeballs on your stuff with much more opportunities very affordable prices!
🦃 Quick Commission Payouts: Since it'll be so close to Christmas time, get paid within 7 days of the event ending (11/14), around November 21st!
You will receive affiliate commissions based upon your package selection:
  • Main Bundle: 40%
  • Early Turkey Special: 45%
  • Turkey Plus Add-On: 50%
Sponsorships receive an increase in commission (see sponsorship opportunities below):
  • Cornucopia Contributor: 60%
  • Grateful Gather: 55%

Contributor Guidelines – All Bundles

  • Each contributor is required to submit a coupon code for one paid product in their store that fits our “thankful topics” theme, unless you are giving it to them via a simple optin form.
  • The coupon code must have a deadline of December 15 or later.
  • The minimum value for each product for the paid bundles must be $5. The minimum value for each product in the free bonus bundle can be a freebie ($0) or more – upon contributor discretion.
  • A store-wide discount code is also encouraged. A 10% discount is sufficient.
  • Your item should not be in any other bundle, summit, or promotion within the past 6 months before or after November 2023. (We don’t want them getting items they already got from other recent bundles.)
  • You're required to share this bundle at least twice with your email list and to make at least two social media posts.

Submission Guidelines

Main Harvesting Knowledge Bundle (On Main Website):

  • To contribute, you will submit an image of your item, item description, value, URL for where to redeem it to get it for free, along with any special instructions (or store coupon codes) that you want to share.  

Early Turkey Bonus Special (PDF Bundle):

  • Submit your Main Bundle info
  • Then, submit a full page ad of your Early Turkey Bonus item (ie. a freebie, a low-cost product for free, or a discounted product) with its coupon code on the ad (and URL for it)

Thankful Plus Add On Package (PDF Bundle):

  • Submit your Main Bundle Info
  • Submit your Early Turkey Bonus Info
  • Then, submit a full page ad of your Thankful Plus Add-On item (a product worth $5 or more they get for free) with its coupon code on the ad (and URL for it)

Key Dates and Fees

  • 9/29: Early bird participation and sponsorship signup deadline 
      • To get CSV of all emails, add on $10
  • 10/9: Regular participation and sponsorship signup deadline
      • To get CSV of all emails, add on $10
  • 10/24: Deadline to submit all materials (***extended, was 10/20)
  • 10/27: Marketing materials available for promotion
  • 11/8: Bundle goes live on November 8
  • 11/14: Bundle ends on November 14

Sponsorship Information and Packages

Want to sponsor the bundle? Awesome! We have amazing opportunities here for sponsoring the Harvesting Knowledge Homeschool Bundle! These packages are very affordable and were carefully crafted to meet the needs of the audience for this particular promotion.


To make this year's Harvesting Knowledge Homeschool Bundle even more memorable, we're excited to offer two exclusive sponsorship packages. 

1. The “Cornucopia Contributor” Sponsor Package


  • Prime ad placement (size: 1000x1000px – square ad) on the bundle page along the side of the products and clickable link directing to your site
  • Social media mentions throughout our channels
  • A featured email ad banner (size 1200x200px) in our email newsletter sent out to our community on one of the bundle days
  • Includes an additional full page ad in the Thankful Plus Add-On Package
  • Includes an additional full page ad in the Early Turkey Bonus Special
  • Increased affiliate commission to 60%

Early Bird Cost: $100 (in addition to your contribution fee)
Regular Cost: $135 (in addition to your contribution fee)

2. The “Grateful Gatherer” Sponsor Package


  • Secondary placement (size: 1000x1000px – square ad) on the bundle page below the products with clickable link directing to your site
  • One social media mention across all our platforms during the bundle promotion week
  • Mention in one of the follow-up emails after the bundle ends
  • Includes an additional full page ad in the Early Turkey Bonus Special
  • Increased affiliate commission to 55%

Early Bird Cost: $50 (in addition to your contribution fee)
Regular Cost: $75 (in addition to your contribution fee)

Bundle Prices

The prices of the Main Harvesting Knowledge Bundle, as well as the Thankful Plus Add-On order bump, will depend upon the number of products from contributors and the overall total value of the bundles. For this reason, we are unable to list the bundle prices at the moment, however, we can tell you that that we know that (1)  homeschool moms LOVE a good deal and (2) both bundles will be affordable.

Of course, the Early Turkey Special is a FREE bonus bundle given to customer within the first 48 hours of the bundle going live (Nov 8-9).

1. Pay for Your Contribution Here:

For payment, please complete the checkout process of your contribution BEFORE you submit the contributor form


2. Sign Up as a Sponsor Here:

Once you've signed up as a contributor, please complete your sponsorship registration here

3. Register as an Affiliate Here:

Please register as an affiliate here. If you are already an affiliate of Homeschool Mom Summits, you do not need to re-register as you are pre-approved for all products (this one included).

4. Submit Your Contribution Here:

Please submit all images and materials no later than October 24th. This is a hard deadline.

SUBMIT CONTRIBUTION MATERIALS IN THIS FORM (last day to submit your materials is 10/24)

We can't wait to harvest this bundle of knowledge together! Thank you for being a crucial part of this homeschooling community.



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